Funneleo Review

Funneleo REVIEWED! Here’s the truth. Hello and welcome to my Funneleo review. In this review, I’m going to be taking a closer look at Funneleo. What is it? Pricing and upsells, demo video and my bonuses.

Many of us live in a marketing bubble where digital products are all the rage. Nothing wrong with that, right? Digital products are awesome.

But when you step outside the bubble, physical products are king. They rule the ecommerce world to the tune of $3.5 trillion.

Think about it, when the holidays roll around, people buy physical products. When someone has a birthday, people buy physical gifts. When something needs something in their everyday life, most of the time they’re buying physical items.

Hell, look around the room you’re in right now and take note of all the money spent on physical products.

Just about everything we buy is a physical product! So why are most of us selling digital products instead?

It’s simple. Because you can’t build a decent business if you can’t build your customer and prospect mailing lists.

Let me explain.

See, platforms like Shopify, Etsy and Amazon make it extremely easy for anyone to set up a store in any niche.

But they make it almost impossible for you to get your customer and prospect email addresses. It’s almost criminal.

Everyone knows that the key to building a profitable business is the mailing list. So if you can’t build these assets, then you’re going to struggle to turn a profit

That’s why so many people set up these sorts of shops but later abandon them. You can only pour so much money into advertising before you go broke.

But all of that is now a thing of the past. Because starting today, you can build your storefront quickly, easily and start collecting email addresses too!

What Is Funneleo?

The answer is a software solution called Funneleo. This automated system builds landing pages, collects email addresses, and delivers coupons and bonuses to your visitors.

Finally, you can build all the mailing lists you want and make a killing with them!

You can use this system to sell just about anything you want. I’m talking handcrafted items, drop-shipping products, overstock items you’re flipping and more.

Anything is game. Everything is profitable. And your wildest online storefront dreams are about to come true!

Funneleo is a first-to-market cloud hosted platform that lets you capture emails of customers and potential buyers on Amazon, Etsy and Shopify, where previously this was difficult to do.

Funneleo makes it easy to capture emails of visitors whether they bought from you or not (yet).

How Funneleo Works?

Funneleo is a cloud-based app, which means there’s nothing to download and nothing to install.

All you have to do is log into the platform, and you can start creating your first campaign instantly.

It’s point-and-click easy. Here’s what you do:

Sync your autoresponder to the system (you’ll find simple instructions listed on the site).

Funneleo syncs with all your favorite autoresponders, including GetResponse, Aweber, MailChimp and more.

Plus you can hook it up fast to any other autoresponders using API. Build your list using Funneleo or use your existing service, no need to switch!

Choose a template, no coding or designing required!

Decide whether to offer coupons or bonuses to your visitors in exchange for email addresses.

Then Funneleo takes over and does everything else.

Finally, here’s a piece of software that makes your life easier rather than harder!

And best of all, this is the software that’s going to take your ecommerce store out of the money-losing red zone and into the black.

Anyone can do this.

Demo Video

Buy Funneleo + My Bonuses

Funneleo Benefits

This is something literally anyone can do, even if you’ve never earned anything online before, this couldn’t be more perfect.

World first solution for major eCom flaw giving you easy and 100% legal access to buyer leads on major eCom platforms with or without a store!

Build lists of targeted prospects who are looking to buy, then broadcast email messages to close the sales, and sell them even more for months and years to come!

Works in any niche you can think of, letting you build massive lists of targeted buyer leads. If you can think of a product to buy you can sell it!

Unlimited funnels and unlimited leads. Create a new funnel for any audience you want to explode and watch the leads start filling your autoresponder!

Perfect timing! Dreamed about owning a profitable ecom store?  Now is your chance to be set up in time for the biggest holiday season shopping rush we’ve ever seen!

Constantly growing traffic source with this set and forget automated system you literally couldn’t turn off if you tried. Buyers hungry to spend? Hell yeah!

And so many more ways to make money with this revolutionary software that does what was previously practically impossible, with just a few clicks.

Funneleo Pricing

Front End Offer: Funneleo $37.00

Funneleo Unlimited and Starter Offers $37.00 on launch, with price increasing

First to market cloudbased software lets you capture emails from visitors to your Shopify, Amazon or Etsy store as well as your customers, turning them into regular buyers!

Works for complete beginners, even if they’ve never done anything in eCom before.

Unlimited license will give them the ability to create unlimited funnels plus use their own custom domain names for more high converting results.

Funneleo + My Bonuses

OTO 1: Funneleo Viral $37.00

Get even more response, by not only allowing people to be rewarded by becoming a subscriber, but also giving them extra incentives by inviting their friends.

Viral campaign persuades existing subscribers to promote your campaign in order to bring in more subscribers and sales by sending out automated sequences that inspire people to want to buy and share a lot more.

This can be automated, it can be set just once and forgotten and duplicated at will. So rinse and repeat is easy even for newly gotten subscribers without the need to setup another viral campaign for that specific coupon landing page campaign.

OTO 2: Funneleo Automailer $37.00

With this pro level addon members will be able to set up autoresponder sequences, activated with various triggers to engage and encourage visitors to become buyers.

This set and forget software takes any work out of followups and manually sending messages by letting the automation of Funneleo take over.

As a bonus they will also include their handwritten collection of 40+ high converting email swipes, so you can customise and activate in moments.

OTO 3: Funneleo Stores $47.00-$67.00

10 DFY shopify stores in hot niches plus shopify store setup guide showing you how to do this in any niche you choose.

OTO 4: Funneleo eCom Domination Bundle $47.00

Bundle of 100 high potential selling products each for Amazon, Etsy and Shopify.

Amazon FBA guide: complete training sourcing products and setting up your Amazon store.

Etsy Store setup guide: complete guide to sourcing products and setting up an Etsy store.

OTO 5: Funneleo Agency $97.00-$497.00

They’re providing options for members to become resellers with access to their own account creator dashboard.

Accounts vary, with some including the ability to create and sell accounts with pro (automailer and viral) addons included.

Funneleo Bonuses

If you decide to buy Funneleo, click on any of the blue buttons and you will get all the bonuses listed for free.

All the bonuses listed down below for my review are available only if you buy it through any of my links/buttons on this page.

Plus you will get access to all the bonuses listed on the sales page including DFY Shopify store.

Your download link with my bonuses will be delivered inside your JVZoo dashboard.

If you can’t find them or you run into an issue please send me an email at: and i will be happy to sort things out for you.

So check out my Funneleo bonuses. This bonuses will save you time and money!

Access Funneleo + My Bonuses

Bonus #1:

Bing Ads Video Course. Still not using Bing Ads? You should as this traffic source could be very profitable and cheap. Learn Bing Ads with this free video course.

reed ratings bonus for Funneleo

Bonus #2:

WordPress Tutorials and SEO Full Video Course. Over 45 videos all about using WordPress and how to improve your site SEO.

free bonuses

Bonus #3: 

Email Marketers Secrets Video Course. If you want to learn how to email market corectly you are in the right place. This 10-part video course provides just that.

custom bonuses

Bonus #4: 

Facebook Ad Video Course: Facebook Ads can be the best investment you can do to drive traffic to your offer. This 15-part video course will teach you how to do Facebook Ads corectly.

reed ratings

Bonus #5:

Instagram Traffic Video Course. This course reveals all of the essential tips and secrets that you need to be aware of in order to not only set up your business, products, or brand on Instagram, but to also create valuable content.

reed ratings bonus

Bonus #6:

How To Make Money On YouTube Full Video Course: Although thousands of YouTubers are making 6 figures per year, there are many others who still don’t have a clue.

Tubepreneur Program is a Special Video Training (nearly 2 hours long) that will help you to earn a full-time income as a YouTuber.

darius reed

Bonus #7:

Canva Training Video Course: With Canva, it allows you to create a whole range of graphics such as graphs, mindmaps, flyers, quotes, infographics, prints and even edit your photos plus a whole heap more.

This is a 7-part over the should video training course teaching you everything you need to know about Canva


Bonus #8:

Affiliate Marketing: Commission Strength: This 14-part complete video training series will show you how to increase your earnings and boost profits with affiliate marketing. Launch profitable campaigns and get free traffic to all your offers!


Bonus #9: 

In this video training, you will learn all about one of the best ways to build your Internet marketing business which is through E-mail marketing and how to build stronger bonds, instill stronger credibility and increase your opt-in list response with relative ease.

reed ratings bonus Funneleo review

I hope you find my Funneleo Review article helpfull. If this is a software that you’re intrested in picking up then click the button below and get Funneleo with my free bonuses.

Grab your Funneleo license now completely risk free. Your investment is covered by their no hassle, money back guarantee.

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Funneleo Final Words

I love a good underdog, come-back-from-behind story. That’s why I’m going to love hearing about your story in a few months.

I can just picture it now. You were the little guy or gal, just trying to make a few bucks with your online store.

Maybe you’re selling t-shirts, or dog toys, or baby clothes, or artwork, or vintage knives, or men’s razors, or… well, pretty much anything.

Except the eCom bullies in your niche were pummeling you.

They dumped tens of thousands of dollars into building stores on their own platforms. They built mailing lists. And then these gangsters tried to make you disappear.

Maybe it almost worked, maybe you were right on the edge of going broke or maybe you were just about ready to throw in the towel because you were tired of being kicked around by the eCom bullies.

But then something amazing happened, you discovered Funneleo.

And for the first time ever, you were able to start building customer and prospect mailing lists for your Shopify, Amazon or Esty store!

That’s the day you started fighting back, the day you turned the tables and started crushing the competition.

And that’s the day you turned your little shop into a huge moneymaker.

I love this story. It’s happening right now to people all over the world. And it can be your story too.

All you have to do is get Funneleo now!

Because as soon as you click that link, you’re going to take that first step towards stomping the competition.

Do it. You deserve it.

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