How To Make Money With Clickbank Without A Website

Hey! My name is Darius Reed from Reed Ratings, and today I’m gonna show you the three best ways on how to make money with Clickbank without a website, in 2021 and beyond.

In this blog post I’m gonna share with you the best ways, in my opinion, to start promoting Clickbank products and start building the foundations of your business, even without a website.

Because I know a lot of people might not have the time or might not have the desire right now to start a website, even though I personally suggest that, if you want to take your business seriously, you should always have assets that you own.

Assets such as your website, or having an email list. Because those are things that you own, nobody can take those away from you and that’s something that you want to work towards right.

If you are serious about online business, you want to work towards building those assets. But I know that a lot of people getting started just want to start promoting products and start seeing some sales coming in.

So I’m gonna give you what, in my opinion, is the best way to get started and the most sustainable way to get started.

Even if you don’t have a website, so the first step is picking a niche.

I’m not going through the proccess of creating a Clickbank account as I’m pretty sure you got one. If you don’t have one it’s easy to create one.

Picking a niche overview

Okay, now after you logged in, you will have to go to the ”Marketplace” tab. Here is where you’re gonna be able to find all the different categories that they have.

So there are literally thousands of products on Clickbank that you can promote. And you might be asking yourself, what should I promote?

So my first suggestion when it comes to picking a niche, is picking something that you’re interested in, something that you’re passionate about.

And the reality is that the reason why you want to pick something that you’re interested in, something that you’re passionate about or something that you also have an interest in learning.

Maybe you’re not an expert in it right now or you don’t know a lot about it right now, but you’re interested in learning about it.

The reason why I suggest those things is because, when you don’t have a website, when you don’t want to spend money on creating a website or you don’t have money for paid advertising, you have to become comfortable with creating content every single day for your audience.

And if you’re, not comfortable with doing that, then you’re gonna struggle to generate traffic to your affiliate links, to your offers and start generating sales.

That’s the only way that you can get started for free is by becoming a content creator and if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing you’re gonna get burnt out very quickly.

So that’s the most important thing.

How to pick a niche on Clickbank?

Now, if you have no idea what categories to get started, with what niche to get started with, some of the ones that I personally recommend that have a ton of really good and successful products in them are categories like:

  • E-Business and E-Marketing
  • Cooking, Food and Wine
  • Health and Fitness
  • Green Products
  • Home & Garden
  • Parenting & Families
  • Self Help
  • Spirituality, New Age and Alternative Beliefs

All of these are great categories to get started with and I just suggest picking one of these that you either have some knowledge in, that you’re passionate about like I’ve said and just sticking to that.

Don’t start jumping from one category to another, just pick one and stick to that one for long term.

And the other thing I want to talk about, is to look at your business as much more than just one Clickbank product that you’re promoting.

I think a lot of people sometimes ask themselves what’s the best product to promote on Clickbank, and the answer to that is that there are tons of products on Clickbank.

There are thousands, and there are hundreds of them that are actually good products that sell very well.

So you have a wide variety of products that you can pick from. But the point is: when you look at your business as just one product, you’re not actually treating it as a business.

The way that you want to look at promoting Clickbank products is: I’m creating content and serving an audience of people.

So whatever niche you decide to choose, make sure that you pick something that you’re passionate about and something that you know you’re gonna be consistent with, and you know that you’re interested in.

There is no sort of magic strategy. The trick is to build an audience of people that you know, like and trust.

So that’s step number one choose one of these categories and stick to it for the long term.

Alright, so step number two is picking your product.

How to pick a product in Clickbank?

So now that we’ve figured out what category we want to focus on for the long term and become an authority in you now have to go in and find an initial offer that you aligned yourself with that.

You’re happy with promoting and that you think your audience is gonna benefit from.

So for this article, the example in the category that I’m gonna use is the Spirituality, New Age and Alternative Belief.

Now once I click inside of this category, you can see that there are about 179 different products that you can promote.

clickbank spirituality niche example

So there’s a ton of products that you can pick from and you might ask yourself well how do I find the ones that I’m actually gonna like or the ones that are currently selling? I’m gonna show you exactly what I do.

The first thing I do is, I always sort the results by gravity.

1. What is Clickbank Gravity?

Gravity is a proprietary formula that Clickbank has created and it shows you how many unique affiliates have sold at least one copy of this product in the last 30 days.

So, for example, this first product right here, called ”” has a gravity of 202. Now this tells me that 202 affiliates have sold at least one copy of this product in the last 30 days.

Some of these affiliates might have sold hundreds of copies or thousands of copies.

This is a great indicator and it tells me that this product right now is selling very well, so this might be an offer that I want to look into.

This might be a product that personally I want to start creating content for and then sending traffic to, because I know that it converts.

Now I personally want a gravity that’s over 20 and I kind of suggest to stay away from products that have a very, very high gravity.

You know promoting products that maybe have a gravity between 20 and 50 means that they’re products that are currently getting sales for a lot of people.

Meaning that the product sells, it converts and it might be also an indicator of the product actually being high quality.

But at the same time having a product that has sort of that medium gravity of 20 to 50 means that the product still isn’t incredibly saturated like the one that has 202 gravity. Meaning that there are a lot of affiliates promoting this offer.

So if you want to maybe stand out from the competition or show your audience a different offer, maybe a offer they haven’t seen before then go for a product that isn’t number one.

But might be one of the products that has a gravity of 50 or 60 or even 70 is fine. So just go for one of those mid-tier products that has like a mid-tier gravity.

So that’s the first thing I look at.

The second thing I look at is the average payment per sale. So I want to know on average how much money am I gonna make if i make a sale.

2. Looking for average payment per sale

Because I personally only want to focus my attention on products that are gonna pay me more than products that are gonna pay me less, right?

That’s common sense. So for example, this product ( has an average dollar per sale of $17.00, as of 13.12.2020. Is not something that really excites me now but it doesn’t mean that I might not promote it.

You know, spend all this time creating content and sending people to a product that’s only gonna pay me around $17 on average isn’t something that I really want to spend my time on.

So I’m looking for a product that has anywhere between maybe $30 to $60 on average, because that’s worth my time.

I know that if I have a product where I’m making $40 or $50 per sale, even if I get one sale per day, over the course of a month, I’m gonna be making over $1000 with one sale per day.

So you can see how very quickly you can start making a lot of money once you start getting a lot of traffic to these offers.

There are products on Clickbank that has this blue icon. And this means this product also has a recurring billing.

How To Make Money With Clickbank Without A Website

That means that this offer here at some point in their funnel, has a subscription that people can obviously subscribe to on a monthly basis and that’s just a win-win situation for you and also for the customer and for the company.

You are promoting a product and doing the work once and you can make money every single month off that customers for as long as they remain a member of that monthly subscription.

So it’s something that I personally always look for, and I always look for the little orange arrow which tells me that this product has upsells.

And this means that I have the ability to make more money for every single customer, which is always a positive thing that we want.

Now let’s jump into the next section. Step number three is doing your research right.

3. Doing research for the product

What you have to do next is to click on the product you found. This will bring you to the sales page of that product.

You will see what it actually is and you will make sure that it’s something that you actually want to promote, you believe in and it’s something that you think will help people

The way that you research this is by going through and putting yourself in the shoes of a customer. Think like if you were a customer, and you landed on this page and you had the problems that they had.

Do you think you will buy this product?

Going and researching on the internet for reviews of this product and making sure that real customers are saying good things about it.

And also going and contacting the company. So most of these companies will have an affiliate support and an email that you can contact them and you can ask them any sort of questions.

You want just to make sure that you’re comfortable with promoting this product. A really good indicator to find if a product is high quality or not, is you can email these company owners and ask them what their refund rate is. If their refund rate is above 5% that’s sort of a problem for me.

It shows a couple of red flags. Usually I want a product that has a refund rate between 1% and 5%. And if they tell you that they have a refund rate between 1% and 5%, then you can be pretty sure that the product is pretty high quality.

Don’t spend a lot of time finding a product or finding an offer. Do your research, make sure you stick to these criterias of: gravity between 20 to 60, an average payment per sale of over $30.

Make sure they have some sort of recurring billing (not really necessary) and make sure the product is high quality.

Now that we have our product that to promote, we can move to the next step which is gonna be the actual creating content where you can then start generating traffic and building an audience.

Having their trust and then sending them to these offers that are actually gonna help solve their problems.

So let’s move on to the next step. Let’s talk a moment about creating content.

Creating content for your offer

Now what i’m going to tell you next is gonna be the most fundamental part of your journey as an affiliate marketer.

More specifically it’s gonna be even more important when you don’t have a website, because this is what’s gonna allow you to get traffic to your affiliate links. This is what’s gonna allow you to build an audience of people in your chosen niche.

And that’s how you’re gonna get that know, like and trust factor, because remember the most important thing in affiliate marketing is know, like and trust.

And when people trust you and that trust is going to be built through every single day showing up and creating content or every single week showing up and creating content for your audience and giving them free, valuable information.

When you build that trust they’re then gonna be willing to click on your affiliate links and go and purchase the offers that you’re promoting.

So how do you make money on Clickbank without a website? Let’s get right into it.

How to make money with Clickbank without a website?

Here are the three best ways you can start making money online with Clickbank without a website.

  1. YouTube
  2. Instagram
  3. Pinterest

The first method and the best way to generate targeted high converting traffic as an affiliate marketer, is by using YouTube.

1. Make money with Clickbank using YouTube

Now before you say, I don’t want to use YouTube, I don’t want to put myself in front of the camera.

I’m gonna show you a method and a software that you can use today that’s gonna allow you to create videos without showing your face, without having to record your screen, without even to record your own voice if you don’t want to.

When you create a YouTube channel, you really can monetize your channel in two ways.

That’s what’s really powerful about YouTube. You can monetize your channel not only through affiliate marketing, which is what we’re doing right now, but also you can monetize your channel through the actual Adsense revenue that you can earn through the videos once you meet the requirements that YouTube has.

You’re sort of killing two birds with one stone by using YouTube and not to mention it’s probably the highest converting traffic.

People convert a lot higher through video than any other source of content or any other form of content.

So let me show you exactly I how would go out there and build a channel around a product in the spirituality niche. The product that we are romoting is a product about manifestation. How to manifest things into your life?

So the first thing I need to do is I need to do keyword research and that’s the most important thing when you’re creating content.

Doing keyword research on YouTube

You need to go out there and have YouTube tell you what people are searching for. So the first thing I type into the search bar is something like ”how to manifest”.

Because I know that people that are typing in ”how to manifest” certain things into into their life, they’re gonna be interested in for the product we’re promoting on Clickbank.

So I’m gonna type in ”how to manifest” and then press the spacebar, and what this is gonna do is, is gonna show me all the types of things that people are typing in after ”how to manifest”.

youtube keyword research

So people are typing in all sorts of keywords. I know that people that are searching for all of these things are gonna be interested in the product that I’m promoting because the product that I’m promoting covers how to do all of these things.

Now when you’re starting out on YouTube, you want to go after what we call longtail keywords. Now this is what a longtail keyword is, it’s something that has multiple words in the keyword.

Long tail keyword example: How to manifest money when you are broke.

So this is eight words. And I’m trying to rank for this keyword.

If I’m creating a video on ”how to manifest money when you are broke”, I’m trying to rank for people that are typing in to YouTube ”how to manifest money when you are broke”.

It’s a long tail keyword. Now the reason why you want to go after these long tail keywords is because they’re much easier to rank for when you’re just getting started.

Now let’s see if this keyword actually is something that’s a viable option for us to create a video around.

So I’ve downloaded a Chrome extension called VidIQ. Or you can use the other one TubeBuddy. Both do the same thing.

What VidIQ its gonna do is every time that you search for a phrase or a keyword it’s gonna give you information on that keyword.

So, as you can see right here on this keyword score, it’s telling me an overall score for this specific keyword and this gives me an overall score of 40 out of 100, which is very good.

youtube vidiq research

So if I was creating a YouTube channel in this specific niche trying to rank videos for manifestation and then promote affiliate products right that are in the manifestation spirituality niche, I would start out with a video like this, ”how to manifest money when you are broke”.

Then I’d go back and do the same exact process for all these other keywords.

I will try and find all the keywords that fall under either 50 or below on VidIQ, and I would just create a list and that would be my initial list for creating content.

I suggest a mix of content, so some of your content might be reviews of a specific product that you’re promoting.

Review type content

So if you’re promoting let’s say for example, the product 10 Minute Awakening. I will contact the product owner and ask them if they can give me a review copy.

So I can record my screen and I can walk people through everything they get when they buy the 10 Minute Awakening product

And this is gonna be content that’s gonna be very high converting for you.

Why? Because people that are searching for a review on the specific product that you’re promoting they’re ready to buy.

They just want a little bit more information on a couple of things. They’re just a little bit unsure about a few things, and if you give them a good review and you’re transparent with them, they’re gonna purchase through your link.

So some of your content you want it to be is buyer intent content. It’s like content that people are searching for and they’re looking for, something to buy, they’re looking for reviews, they’re looking for the best manifestation products.

So that’s like maybe 20% or 30% of your content. The rest of your content, I would go after what is called educational content.

Educational content

So people that are searching for how to manifest money, how to manifest a specific person in your life, how to become more self aware or more confident.

These are all terms and things that people search for that they may be interested in purchasing the product that you have to offer right now.

Why do I want to create the educational content? Because there’s a lot of people who have no idea about the product that I’m promoting.

So they would never search for a review of the product right, but that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t be interested in purchasing.

You have to ask yourself when you’re creating content especially for YouTube. What type of videos would my ideal customer be searching for? Then you want to be creating the content, to put yourself in front of the audience of people that would be most interested in purchasing the offer or the multiple offers that you’re promoting.

You want to put yourself in front of those people that would be most interested in purchasing those offers. I hope that makes sense.

With YouTube you get organic, high converting traffic to your videos.

How to create videos for YouTube?

Right now, I’m gonna show you how to create these videos on YouTube without having to show your face or without having to record your voice.

There is a software that I use, and I personally recommend to you, that’s gonna absolutely revolutionize everything for you.

What I would use to create my YouTube videos without recording myself or recording my voice is something called Vidnami.

It’s a software that already has pre-populated thousands of video clips that automatically match to the text that you provided.

So you’re gonna provide Vidnami with either a blog post that you’ve written or a script that you’ve written for your videos.

What Vidnami is gonna do is gonna automatically create a very, very professional  looking video for you, and on top of that, you can also have a robotic voice that reads out the text in your video.

And you can take that video and then upload it onto YouTube. There’s actually a ton of channels that do that. They use this software and have millions of subscribers.

If you go to Vidnami, you can see some of the testimonials that they have, some of the really big YouTube channels that use their software to create videos. There’s a lot of people using this software.

If you want to try it out there’s a seven day free trial.

Now, what you will gonna do is you gonna take that keyword and type it into Google. Then you will find articles that have already written a lot of really good information for this specific topic here.

So basically you have two options with Vidnami.

The first option is to actually create the content yourself. Create an actual script yourself and write it in your own words and that’s what I personally suggest to do, because you’re gonna make sure that your content is in your own voice and its original.

Now, if you don’t want to do that you can always go out there and find inspiration from people who have already written articles on this topic and what you can do is you can take bits and pieces from different articles.

You can put it together and create sort of your own unique article, but always make sure that you change it. Don’t just copy and paste somebody else’s content because it’s not gonna work and you’re most probably gonna get copyrighted on YouTube.

So always make sure that you put your own words, your own twist on content that other people have created.

That’s literally how you can create really high quality YouTube videos without having to show your face or record your voice, or do any of that stuff which scares a lot of people.

I’ve literally given you a way to become a youtuber without having to show your face or record your voice.

So I hope you can appreciate that. I hope you see the value and the power in this strategy here and obviously the way that you generate money is you’re going to put your affiliate link in the description of every single one of your videos.

So once you have a ton of videos on your channel, you’re gonna start getting a lot of traffic from people who are all interested in your niche.

Watch the video below and see how Vidnami works and how you can make money on YouTube.

So this is the method number one. I hope you’ve enjoyed that. Let’s move on to method number two.

The second method is Instagram.

2. Make money with Clickbank using Instagram

Essentially I’m gonna give you an overview of how to grow an Instagram account and what you need to do to grow a successful Instagram account.

The niche that we chosen for this article is about manifestation, law of attraction.

So the first thing you’re gonna do is go to Instagram and on Instagram you’re gonna type in the main keyword of your niche. So for us is gonna be manifestation.

I’m gonna type in manifestation, and I’m gonna go to the top hashtag for ”manifestation”. Then I want to see the top nine posts.

Out of these top nine posts, I’m gonna try and find an account that’s already promoting Clickbank products.

The reason why I want to do that is because I know that if there’s people out there that are growing Instagram accounts successfully and they’re promoting Clickbank products it means that they’re making money.

So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go and scroll through these.

Now that you found an account you can start to really dig deep. So if you click on this arrow right up here, this is gonna give you all of these accounts that are similar to this one.

instagram with clickbank

And chances are that if this account here is promoting a Clickbank product, probably most of these ones are promoting a Clickbank product as well

So if you open up some of these pages here, you gonna be able to see exactly which ones are promoting a product.

Now, as you’ve noticed, majority of these pages post quotes. So we know that this type of content on Instagram works very well for the manifestation, spirituality and the law of attraction niche.

So the next step is for me to scroll through some of these accounts. I’m now gonnna create a list of about 3 or 4 accounts. Then I’m gonna go and see which one of their posts has gotten the most likes and shares.

After you find some good posts you gonna try and recreate the content onto your accounts, because chances are that, if it went viral for them, it’s probably gonna go viral for you as well. Or at least have a chance of going viral.

The great thing about Instagram is: You can actually take that exact post and you can post it on to your Instagram account, and all you have to do is tag this account and give them the credit.

You have to make sure that you give credit where credit’s due if this is their post. You have to say that in the description of your Instagram posts.

You can do that and you can start growing an Instagram account very successfully and then monetizing it by putting your affiliate link in the description or in the bio of the page, or even a “swipe up” story once you get over 10,000 followers.

I highly recommend to watch the video below and learn how to grow your Instagram account.

So that’s method number two.

Now the third and final method that I suggest to use to get started with Clickbank if you don’t have a website is Pinterest.

3. Make money with Clickbank using Pinterest

I think there are 4 main reasons why you should use Pinterest if you don’t have a website.

The first one is that Pinterest is still not competitive. It’s still nowhere near as competitive as Instagram or YouTube, or even Facebook.

There’s a lot of traffic to get on Pinterest and there’s a lot of highly targeted traffic that you can send to whatever you want, whether it’s a YouTube video, whether it’s a blog post or whether it’s a Clickbank affiliate link.

The second reason is that Pinterest has been shown statistically to have the highest average order value.

Now, what does that mean? That means that people that come from Pinterest and go to a website and purchase a product are spending more money than people that come from Instagram and Facebook.

So that means that there’s not only people on Pinterest looking to spend money but there’s also people on Pinterest that have more money to spend.

Which means that your traffic from Pinterest is probably gonna buy more of the upsells from your Clickbank offers that you’re promoting.

The third reason and probably the most important one, is that Pinterest actually has a search engine. It’s a search engine which means that your pins are gonna last a lot longer. They’re gonna get you traffic for a much longer amount of time.

They’re almost similar to YouTube. You know I can create a YouTube video today and it can get me traffic for six months, seven months, a year.

You can’t do that on Instagram. Instagram is a platform where you constantly need to be posting content to remain active and to keep having your followers come back to your account on Pinterest.

On Pinterest you have that search engine ability where you can get traffic for months. So your pins can last a lot longer and they’re gonna be a lot more bang for your buck.

And finally, you can actually post or you can put affiliate links in your pins.

So in each and every single pin, you’re gonna have the ability to put a destination link, and that destination link can either go to a YouTube video or a blog or it can go to anywhere you want.

But you can actually put your Clickbank affiliate link inside of Pinterest and send people directly to the offer.

Watch the video below to see how to promote Clickbank products with Pinterest!


Now, obviously, I always suggest having a website, I always suggest sending people to an email list and collecting their email or whatever it is.

But obviously this is a blog post about how to make money with Clickbank without a website, so I want to give you guys what I personally think to be the best options to get started with doing that.

So those are the three best ways to start your free journey with Clickbank.

As you guys have noticed, I’ve set you up in this way because a lot of people when they talk about how do you make money without a website, people just go and spam affiliate links on Facebook groups and hope and pray that someone clicks on their links and goes and purchases the product.

But unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. With affiliate marketing whether you have a website or you don’t, you need to create trust.

You need to generate trust and the way that you do that is through content. When you build a YouTube channel, when you create an Instagram account, when you create a Pinterest account, you are putting out free, valuable content.

And for that free valuable content you’re going to start building trust with your audience and then you’re also gonna be able to send that audience to your offers where they’re gonna be able to buy those products that you’re promoting.

Why? Because you first built the trust. Also notice that if you follow any of these methods that I’ve talked about in this article, you’re then going to be able to eventually interlink them together and have a, something called, omnipresent.

So at some point in the future, let’s say that you decide to build a YouTube channel, and you decide to grow just the YouTube channel. Well, at some point in the future, once you’ve mastered YouTube, you can come back and actually start growing a Pinterest account that sends people to your YouTube channel.

So you can start creating this sort of this omnipresence we’re your brand is gonna be almost on every single platform.

You can do the same exact thing with Instagram. Once you have a big Instagram account you can start sending people to your Youtube channel if you want to.

What I showed you in this article is the best way to start making money on Clickbank without a website.

But I also showed you how to build the foundation of your future business, your future website.

I hope you enjoy this article. Please share this with someone that’s in need of this information.