Hey and welcome to my 7 Figure Affiliate System Review. This is Darius Reed from reedratings.com where I give honest digital product reviews along with awesome bonuses for products I truly believe in.

7 Figure Affiliate System is brought to you by Michael Cheney also the creator of Secret Money System, Partner & Profit, Fast Track To 1 Million, The Gold Rush, Commissionology and many other high quality courses and software products.

So the big question is, is 7 Figure Affiliate System really worth your money? I’ll tell you if it ticks all the boxes, and if it does, I’ll give you some awesome complimentary bonuses you can only get from me today.

My goal is to help you make an informed decision so you don’t end up wasting your money. Now let’s jump into the next section of my 7 Figure Affiliate System Review to find out what exactly 7 Figure Affiliate System is and how it can help you and your business.

What Exactly Is 7 Figure Affiliate System?

7 Figure Affiliate System Review

The 7 Figure Affiliate System is an online course that teaches how to start an affiliate marketing business. To create, run & scale an online business that allows you to passively make up to $2,000 or more a day without hiring any staff, dealing with customer support or paying for traffic or any of the traditional stuff that most business owners have to deal with.

This is a system that Michael put together and used for the last 14 years to generate at least $1,000 – $2,000 per day and today he’s gonna reveal it to you for the very first time.

He achieved this by creating a “Money Making Machine” that works for you 24/7 where your only job is to oversee the system is working, not having to find new customers using expensive and unpredictable paid advertising that eats all your margin.

And as a result, this frees you up to live and enjoy your life while the system works for you. This is the 7 Figure Affiliate System.

This allows you to build a constant stream of sales, customers and commissions without spending a dime on paid advertising. This is a comprehensive online course that focuses for both beginner and advanced people.

If you want to start an affiliate marketing business with little or no money, Michael covers that in this course. If you want to find new ways of making money with affiliate marketing, scale your business, this is covered as well.

This lets you build a more sustainable and profitable business that generates a consistent stream of sales, customers & commissions, on autopilot, every single month.

What’s Included In 7 Figure Affiliate System?

7 figure affiliate system members area

Why 95% of affiliate marketers don’t make money and how the 7 figure affiliate system is the solution to keep your business alive & thriving in 2022 and beyond!

The solution to making real money online and what anyone can do to take back control of the online money making process.

The hidden places and communities on the internet where 94% of your future customers are waiting to buy your products and are willing to pay premium.

Why the 7 figure affiliate system creates better customers who buy more often and give bigger commissions than any other methods out there.

The 3 types of free buyer traffic you get & why one is 5-8x more valuable than the other 2 and the exact strategies you need to implement to go out there and quickly get your fair share of the highest quality free buyer traffic.

The single unfair advantage you have as an affiliate marketer using the 7 figure affiliate system to generate more buyers and free traffic that absolutely nobody else in the online business space has figured out yet.

The top-secret traffic formula that took Michael 6 years to refine, allowing any business to instantly go from a desolate wasteland to a 7 figure affiliate machine.

Why focusing on paid traffic is the #1 mistake new marketers make and why it will actually kill your profits and what to do instead. 

The exact technology stack they use to put their entire free traffic generation on autopilot allowing them to only work 2 hours per week on generating more sales customers & commissions. 

How to find and hire smart, dependable and talented part time virtual employees that run your business for you without you ever being out of pocket for the costs.

The low hanging fruit free traffic that anyone with a Facebook account has access to that only takes about 20 minutes to set up and brings in a constant stream of buyers & sales for your affiliate business.

The ultimate list of Michael tools and resources he use daily to run his very own 7 figure affiliate business. You’ll want to start using these ASAP. 

Now let’s jump into the next section of my 7 Figure Affiliate System Review to find out how 7 Figure Affiliate System works. I’ll have Paula to give you a complete walkthrough.

How 7 Figure Affiliate System Works?: Demo Video

Now let’s jump into the next section of my 7 Figure Affiliate System Review to find out more about 7 Figure Affiliate System pricing and upsells.

7 Figure Affiliate System Review: Pricing & Upsells

Front End Offer is the main course 7 Figure Affiliate System which will cost you $9.95. The launch ended on the 14th of March 2022, and the price is still $9.95. Which is great.

Now, there are currently 3 upsells. You don’t really need all of them to use 7 Figure Affiliate System, but they might come in useful depending on your situation and usage.

I would recommend at least buy upsell 1. The front end offer will give you access to the main course in which you will learn affiliate marketing and the secrets of making affiliate commissions.

But with upsell 1 you will also get bonuses that you can use in your promos, campaigns, funnels and basically everything you need for an affiliate marketing campaign.

Upsell 1: 10 Automatic Money Makers $197

Copy Click Commissions: 15 DFY campaigns you just copy paste and make money with, everything written and tested by Michael and guaranteed approval on all the products.

Copy Click Campaigns: 10 ready made customizable affiliate campaigns you can use to promote any product in any niche and training on how to do it.

Battle Tested Bonus Vault: 7 DFY bonuses you can use, in-depth training on how to use them and create your own.

7 Figure Affiliate Marketing Vault: Case studies and walkthroughs of his best affiliate campaigns.

7 Figure Affiliate Marketing Masterclass: 50 mins pure content recorded for high-ticket clients.

Upsell 2: The Ultimate Traffic Machine $97

Passive Driven Profits Case Study: How Michael made thousands outside of IM using a secret, free traffic source and not even his own name.

Fast Traffic Formula: How to get free traffic fast.

Automatic Authority: How to get featured on big websites and news outlets for free with no extra effort.

Rapid Traffic Activation: Start getting clicks and sales fast.

Scalable Traffic Secrets: How to ramp up your traffic quickly.

Money Matrix Method: Finding where the buyers are in this free traffic source.

Consistent Customer Conversions: How to turn clicks into buyers, easily.

Leveraged Traffic Growth: Take your business to the next level.

Unannounced Traffic Bonuses: In-depth bonus training so you never struggle for traffic again.

Upsell 3: Explode Your Income As A Reseller $97

The ultimate shortcut direct to the money because everyone who grabs this upsell unlocks the licence to resell the 7 Figure Affiliate System entire funnel and keep 100% of all the money!

7 Figure Affiliate System Review: Bonuses

If you decide to buy 7 Figure Affiliate System through my link, click on any of the buttons on this page and you will get all the bonuses listed for free.

All the bonuses listed down below for my 7 Figure Affiliate System Review are available only if you buy it through any of my links/buttons on this page and are available even if you purchase only the front end offer.

Your download link with my bonuses will be delivered inside your Warrior Plus dashboard. If you can’t find them or you run into an issue please send me an email at: darius@reedratings.com and I will be happy to sort things out for you.

So check out my 7 Figure Affiliate System Review Bonuses. This bonuses will save you time, money and help you make the most out of 7 Figure Affiliate System.

Custom Bonus 1: Free Account With ReedBio

reedbio bonus

ReedBio is my own cloud based software that will allow you to build vCards and Bio Pages in minutes. All your links on one page! And you will get unlimited free access to ReedBio when you buy 7 Figure Affiliate System through my link.

  • You get 4 built-in themes that you can use right away
  • Custom logo, background, fonts, SEO settings, password protection and so much more
  • Dark Mode: All your pages support dark mode as well
  • Tracking pixels: Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Quora tracking pixels available.
  • Connect your own domain or use our predefined ones

Custom Bonus 2: Free WP Video Reviews PRO

wp reviews bonus

The beauty of this plugin is that for every page you have on your website you can have a different video widget for every page. For example: for the home page you can have a video, for an article you can have another video, for a blog post you can have another video. This is powerful stuff and you’ll get this for free when you buy 7 Figure Affiliate System through my link.

  • 100% Responsive
  • Selection multiple pages and videos
  • Play video from the beginning when it is clicked/tapped
  • Add Call To Action Button with types of options
  • Scroll to a block on a site page
  • Add URL to open other page
  • Calling a popup window, launching a quiz, etc.
  • Button color settings
  • Ability to disable widget on mobile or on desktop
  • Select Widget location
  • Widget color settings

Custom Bonus 3: Free Account With ReedShortener

reedshortener bonus

ReedShortener is my own Premium Link Shortener, QR Codes generator and Bio Pages software and you will get unlimited free access to ReedShortener when you buy 7 Figure Affiliate System through my link.

  • Link Shortener, Bio Pages And QR Codes
  • Link Management
  • Privacy Control
  • Powerful Dashboard
  • Custom Branded Domain Names

Custom Bonus 4: Free Account With ReedProofs

reedproofs bonus

ReedProofs is my own cloud based software that will allow you to create Fomo, Scarcity, Social Proof pop-ups to engage and keep your website visitors. You will get unlimited free access to ReedProofs when you buy 7 Figure Affiliate System through my link.

  • 14 included notifications
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Create unlimited notifications
  • Highly customisable notifications
  • Notifications & campaigns statistics

Bonus 5: Rapid Affiliate QuickStart Guide

This PDF will get you started quickly so you can get closer to freedom.

Bonus 6: Affiliate Profit Matrix Calculator

Break down the sales, customer & commissions growth forecasts for any 7 figure affiliate business.

Bonus 7: The 7 Figure Affiliate Growth Orientation Session

Have them help you create a custom affiliate business roadmap for you and your business. 

Bonus 8: Ultimate Accountability System

Get direct insight into exactly how the most successful 7 figure affiliates minds work. 

Bonus 9: Ultimate Accountability System

Get the support you need to stay accountable on your journey.

Bonus 10: 7-Day Fast Start To Results

Get started quickly with this mini video series.

Bonus 11: 7 Figure Affiliate Community Access

Get among like minded people on a similar mission as you.

7 Figure Affiliate System Overview

Vendor:Michael Cheney
Product:7 Figure Affiliate System
Launch Date:08.03.2022, 9 AM EST
Front End Price:Starts at $9.95
Launch Ends:14.03.2022, Midnight
Recommendation:Highly Recommended
Sales Page:Click Here
Refund:30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche:Affiliate Marketing

Now let’s jump into the next section of my 7 Figure Affiliate System Review to find out more about 7 Figure Affiliate System features and benefits.

Who Is 7 Figure Affiliate System For?

7 Figure Affiliate System is for 2 types of people. Those who are interested in getting more freedom in their lives by creating a simple 7 Figure Affiliate system for a business they want to start.

It is also for current business owners who would like to accelerate their sales, customers and commissions and put them on autopilot, using 100% free traffic so they can keep more of their profits. 

How Is This Different Than All The Other Stuff Out There?

Generally all the other stuff out there teaches people how to get more sales by using expensive and unpredictable paid advertising.

Anyone can do that once or twice, and then they run into problems when they realize that they were taught a “one off” tactic that makes the guru look good because they get a cool screenshot testimonial.

But the student is stuck to make profitable consistent sales and not knowing how to make their business more predictable and profitable.

This 7 Figure Affiliate System offer, really is special. What you’ll get in this special offer includes the 7 Figure Affiliate System training, a free video training about how Michael get sales & buyers using 100% free traffic, his 7 figure affiliate mindset and you get the 7 Figure Affiliate System quick start guide PDF.

Is 7 Figure Affiliate System Legit?

To simply answer this question, yes. 7 Figure Affiliate System is legit. Why? Because it’s brought to you by Michael Cheney, a guy who makes money with affiliate marketing for over 14 years now.

michael cheney

This system is the exact system that he uses in his business to make over $120k per month through affiliate marketing. His marketing from the sales page is legit, his income proof is legit and this online course it’s among the best you can get as of today when it comes to start an affiliate marketing business.

And what I really like about it is that focuses on both newbies and advanced marketers. So if you want to start an affiliate marketing business with little or no money, this may be for you.

If you are a more advanced affiliate marketer this may be perfect for you to learn new tactics, methods and traffic sources to scale your business.

The Final Verdict: Is 7 Figure Affiliate System Worth It?


I think for the amount of value that you get inside the course and considering the price, this is a steal. Yes you do have upsells after you purchase the front end offer but they are optional.

Upgrades are made to get you results faster. Now, to be honest, I bought this myself. Considering most of the traffic sources Michael talks about in this course are free traffic sources, and the secrets of making affiliate commissions, I’m really interested in that!

I rely on free traffic from ranking this website in Google. Plus the other ways to scale my affiliate marketing business, tips, secrets, commission tricks and diversify my income streams. I always learn. And I highly suggest you check this out! It’s a steal.

Now, the front end offer is great to learn affiliate marketing and what exactly is involved in this business. Front end is the main course, where you will learn right? And Michael does a great job at explaining these secrets.

But, I have to say that this is not enough. I mean it’s enough if you want to get to know this business model, but to actually implement it with landing pages, campaigns, bonuses, and learn these things, you will need at least upsell 1.

It all comes down to how committed you are. Get the front end for $9.95, and you can decide after you learn the method, if you want to invest in the upsells and go all in with affiliate marketing.

I hope you find my 7 Figure Affiliate System Review helpful. If this is a product that you’re interested in picking up then click the buttons on this page and get 7 Figure Affiliate System with my free bonuses.

7 Figure Affiliate System Review: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 7 Figure Affiliate System?

The 7 Figure Affiliate System is a systematic approach to increasing sales customers & commissions using 100% free traffic. It is not a fad that comes and goes. It is not helping you to launch more ad campaigns that you have to constantly monitor. The 7 Figure Affiliate System is about building a commission machine for your business that can be around for decades, it will give you not just freedom and profit.

Do they offer more in depth help?

Yes. Nothing was held back while writing this system but for the people that want to further assistance they do offer opportunities to “upgrade” your order after purchasing.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, you get a 30 day money back guarantee in case it’s not for you. They even let you keep the entire system.

Grab your 7 Figure Affiliate System license now completely risk free. Your investment is covered by the no hassle, money back guarantee. Thank you for reading my 7 Figure Affiliate System Review. I’ll catch you up in my next review article. Bye for now!