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Hey and welcome to my ContentGenie Review. It’s Darius here from Reed Ratings where I give honest digital product reviews along with awesome bonuses for products I truly believe in.

ContentGenie is brought to you by Kelechi Mmonu also the creator of VidScripto, Mail Conversio, Podkastr, and many other high-quality software products.

So the big question is, is ContentGenie worth your money? My goal is to help you make an informed decision so you don’t waste your money.

NEW UPDATE: ContentGenie got a new update in February 2024, the new 2.0 version with new exciting features. More info about this is down below.

What Is ContentGenie?

ContentGenie Review

ContentGenie is a cloud-based content creation and social media management suite that creates, plans & publishes content across multiple social media platforms and websites, using AI.

They say it uses the same AI technology implemented by Siri, Apple’s AI assistant, to create 100% original content, and publishes this content to your preferred social media accounts and websites.

Now, I’m not quite sure what to say about that, all I can say is that ContentGenie works and it’s very easy to use.

Enter your keyword or phrase: just enter your preferred keyword or phrase, and generate original content in 30 seconds.

Connect: Select the social media or blog account(s) you want to publish to.

Publish: publish your content to your preferred social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium) or WordPress blog account(s) instantly or schedule for later.

content genie members area

In addition to creating content, ContentGenie also comes with other content curation tools:

  • Video discovery: this engine allows users to find the most viral YouTube videos in any niche, legally transcribe them, and use the content for social media and blog posts.
  • Speech-to-text AI: this engine allows you to convert your live speech to content for social media or blog posts.
  • Article discovery: this engine allows users to find the most trending content in a niche, and convert them to a social media or blog post.
  • Ebook AI: this engine allows users to convert the content of any ebook to a social media or blog post.

Plus a lot more features that you can see in my demo video, BUT, keep in mind that my account is fully upgraded. So, it all depends on what upsells you get.

How Does ContentGenie Work?


ContentGenie Pricing & Upsells

Front End Offer is the main software ContentGenie which starts at $47. Also, the frontend access doesn’t depend on any of the upgrades to work, it works fine just on its own BUT it is also limited.

Now, there are currently 5 upsells. You don’t need all of them to use Content Genie, but they might come in useful depending on your situation and usage.

Upsell 1: ContentGenie Unlimited $147/year

Create unlimited content, publish to unlimited social media accounts & unlimited websites, for unlimited clients and profits.

Plus full access to a high-demand content designer app, create high-quality graphics for your content with 2000+ templates.

  • Create unlimited contents
  • Publish unlimited social media accounts.
  • Publish to unlimited WordPress accounts and medium profiles.
  • Ebook creator: export your composed content as a formatted ebook that can be used for lead generation or sold.
  • Job finder: this tool allows you to find the most recent content creation and social media management jobs.
  • Deep analytics engine: keep updated with the statistics of your blog post and social media posts (impressions, comments, likes, shares, etc)

Upsell 2: ContentGenie PRO $97/year

Get Access to 6 additional AI-powered tools that will help you create and manage high-quality content.

P.A.S Sales Copy Creator:

Whether you’re selling a product or service, Use Simple Keywords to Create Long-form Sales Copy using the proven Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS) framework.

A.I.D.A Sales Copy Creator:

In the dynamic landscape of marketing, capturing and maintaining your audience’s attention is a constant challenge. The AIDA Sales Copy Creator in ContentGenie is your solution, helping you craft a sales copy that follows the Attention-Interest-Desire-Action (AIDA) model.

Content Paraphraser & Plagiarism Checker:

This is your go-to tool for transforming existing content into a unique masterpiece, blending originality with enhanced language and style.

Email Swipe Writer:

This Tool uses Artificial Intelligence to write quality Email swipes and Email Subject Titles for all your marketing Needs.

Content Grammar & Punctuation Checker:

Whether you’re crafting an important business document, academic paper, or engaging blog post, this tool serves as your virtual proofreader, guaranteeing that your writing reflects professionalism and competence.

AI-Powered Content Summarizer:

This Tool instantly condenses lengthy content to its core key points, providing users with a time-efficient solution for information consumption and comprehension.

Upsell 3: ContentGenie Consultancy $47

Let them set up your ‘ready to profit’ copywriting agency without any work from you:

  • 100% done-for-you client attraction marketing kit included
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Client/team members’ access
  • Professional content creation agency website
  • High-converting PowerPoint & keynote presentation
  • Commercial graphics pack (brochures, web banners, Facebook ad images, business cards, letterhead, receipt, etc)
  • Done for you Facebook ads creative
  • Attorney-drawn contract agreement
  • Pimped to sell telemarketing script

Upsell 4: ContentGenie Reseller $197

This upsell enables users to resell ContentGenie and keep 100% of the profit. Easy way to profit & make money selling software products. 

  • Resellers license
  • Resellers dashboard
  • Done for you marketing assets (sales page, ads, email swipes, etc)
  • Done for you customer support for life
  • 50 accounts or unlimited

ContentGenie Bundle Deal

This bundle will save you some money if you would like to get full access to all upsells of Content Genie. With this one you can get the whole funnel, all upsells at a one-time payment.

The price will be $297 on the sales page but use code CGV2BUNDLE for $50 OFF.

ContentGenie Review: Bonuses

If you decide to buy ContentGenie through my link, click on any of the buttons on this page and you will get all the bonuses listed for free.

All the bonuses listed below for my ContentGenie Review are available only if you buy it through any of my links/buttons on this page and are available even if you purchase only the front-end offer.

Your download link with my bonuses will be delivered to your JVZoo account. If you can’t find them or you run into an issue please send me an email at: [email protected] and I will be happy to sort things out for you.

So check out my ContentGenie Bonuses:

MEGA Bonus 1: Free Account With ReedChat (NEW)

reedchat bonus

ReedChat is the most powerful AI software in the market and is powered by GPT4, Dalle 3 HD, Stable Difusion, and ElevenLabs. An AI powerhouse at your fingertips.

The latest updates and the newest AI models. Get the best AI-generated content, the best AI images, and the best AI voices in the market, basically for free!

Custom Bonus 2: Free Account With ReedBio

reedbio bonus

ReedBio is my cloud-based software that will allow you to build vCards and Bio Pages in minutes. All your links are on one page! And you will get unlimited free access to ReedBio when you buy ContentGenie through my link.

  • You get 4 built-in themes that you can use right away
  • Custom logo, background, fonts, SEO settings, password protection and so much more
  • Dark Mode: All your pages support dark mode as well
  • Tracking pixels: Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Quora tracking pixels are available.

Custom Bonus 3: Free WP Video Reviews PRO

wp video reviews bonus

The beauty of this plugin is that for every page you have on your website, you can have a different video widget for every page. For example: for the home page you can have a video, for an article you can have another video, for a blog post you can have another video.

This is powerful stuff and you’ll get this for free when you buy ContentGenie through my link.

  • 100% Responsive
  • Selection of multiple pages and videos
  • Play the video from the beginning when it is clicked/tapped
  • Add a Call To Action Button with types of options
  • Scroll to a block on a site page
  • Add URL to open other pages
  • Calling a popup window, launching a quiz, etc.
  • Button color settings
  • Ability to disable widgets on mobile or desktop
  • Select Widget location
  • Widget color settings

Custom Bonus 4: Free Account With ReedProofs

reedproofs bonus

ReedProofs is my cloud-based software that will allow you to create Fomo, Scarcity, and Social Proof pop-ups to engage and keep your website visitors. You will get unlimited free access to ReedProofs when you buy ContentGenie through my link.

  • 14 included notifications
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Create unlimited notifications
  • Highly customizable notifications
  • Notifications & campaign statistics

MEGA BONUS 5: Free Account With Gradient QR Code

gradient qr code bonus

Gradient QR Code is the most performant, lightweight, and easy-to-use digital QR Code maker software. It contains a large array of QR code templates to choose from and get started. Get unlimited free access to the Gradient QR Code when you buy ContentGenie through my link.

Plus all the vendor bonuses.

ContentGenie Overview

Vendor:Kelechi Mmonu
Launch Date:07.102.2024, 11 AM EST
Front End Price:Starts at $47
Recommendation:Highly Recommended
Refund:30 Days Money Back

If you’re like me, then you hate the stress of writing content, and logging into different social media platforms and blogs to publish!

This is why I use ContentGenie to do most of the hard work, by creating fully original content and publishing it to multiple social media platforms.

Post-pandemic, the demand, and need for quality content is on the high, as everyone needs high-converting content for virtually everything; from websites to sales pages, social media, ads, just name it.

As a result, it gets more difficult by the day to find repeatable content creation packages that can be automated without being too expensive.

The truth is, you can only write so much content and you can only pay so much for content. How about something that can automate the process for you while not costing too much?

Using the same AI technology implemented by Siri, Apple’s AI assistant, ContentGenie creates 100% original content and publishes this content to your preferred social media accounts and websites.

content genie features

ContentGenie Features & Benefits

Siri style content writing: unlike other content creation apps that use scale & outdated content spinners, they built and trained this AI assistant that creates high-quality content using just a keyword.

Video discovery: discover the most trending YouTube videos using keywords or entering the video URL, and convert the YouTube video content to a social media or blog post.

Article discovery: discover the most trending article using keywords or entering the article URL, and convert the article content to a social media or blog post.

Ebook converter: convert the content of any ebook or PDF file to social media posts or blog posts.

Speech-to-text AI: create live speech, and transcribe it to text content for social media & blog posts, using proprietary speech recognition AI.

Quote discovery: keep your social media pages active by posting trending quotes. 

Blog post editor: customize your content for blog and medium posting using the custom blog post editor. Add images, videos, text & background color, featured image, etc.

Social media post editor: customize your content for social media posting using the custom social media post editor. Add emojis, adjust text, etc.

Social media publisher: publish content to all your social media profiles, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Blog/medium publisher: publish content to all your WordPress blogs and mediums.

Content planner: plan and schedule posting for all social media and blog content for the next 3 years. View the planner calendar by day, month, and year to organize your content goals with more efficiency.

Now, there are 2 really amazing things about this ContentGenie special launch offer. 

  • They are giving away the commercial license without the need to upgrade. 
  • You can get access to ContentGenie at a very special one-time massively discounted price.

So, I’ll suggest you grab this amazing offer as I termed it because once this special launch ends, the price available until the 11th of November, will be gone.

What’s New In ContentGenie 2.0?

Microsoft Partnership

Contentgenie got Accepted into Microsoft for Startups Hub, which provides them access to industry-leading AI services, expert guidance, and the essential technology needed to build a future-proofed Software Company.

Customize Posts for Each Social Network

Every social network is different, so your posts should be formatted differently. Why? The Instagram caption has a max of about 450 words, while LinkedIn supports longer content for example.

Contentgenie allows you to customize the Content specifically for each Social Media Platform, in the same post.

Youtube and TikTok Direct Posting

Publish your Video Content to YouTube and TikTok directly, with all approved settings available from the ContentGenie Editor.

Real-Time Post Preview

The Preview Posts feature allows you to spot and correct any error before Publishing or Scheduling.

Check image sizes to confirm they fit perfectly, view how your content will look on both mobile and desktop, and double-check the correct placement of hashtags.

Prompt Templates

Coming up with fresh and new post ideas can be quite challenging. That’s why they’ve prepared 100 prompt templates for Social Media and Blog Posts, to help users generate the Most Engaging Content.

AI Image Generator

Deep Analytics Engine: Stay informed with detailed statistics on your blog posts and social media content, including impressions, comments, likes, shares, and more.

Analyze the performance of your content effortlessly. Generate and Download Analysis Reports for your clients.

AIDA Sales Copy Creator

Craft sales copy following the Attention-Interest-Desire-Action (AIDA) model, optimizing your content for maximum impact throughout the customer journey.

AI Content Grammar & Punctuation Checker

Perfect your writing effortlessly with the AI content grammar checker. Analyze ebooks, articles, or any text to polish grammar and punctuation, ensuring your content is error-free.

ContentGenie Comparison Table

content genie comparison table

Who Is It For?

ContentGenie works for the following:

  • Web designers
  • Video creators
  • Social media managers
  • Bloggers
  • Ad creators
  • Content Creators
  • Agencies
  • Business owners
  • Freelancers

And absolutely anyone who wants to make tons of money online selling a high-in-demand service.

ContentGenie Frequently Asked Questions

What makes ContentGenie unique?

Content Creation & Social Media Publishing/Management can be a pain, but ContentGenie lifts all the stress from you. With ContentGenie, you can Create fully Original Content, plan, and publish to multiple social Media & Websites…in under 1 minute! It is 100% beginner-friendly. You can start generating 100% original & highly engaging content within seconds. Age, skill, and experience are no bar.

What if I don’t enjoy using ContentGenie?

This technology is designed to help you profit with incredible ease. In case you still don’t love your experience with ContentGenie, you can simply ask for a refund within 14 days of your purchase. They will process the entire amount back into your account instantly.

How can I find clients?

Unlike any other software out there, ContentGenie comes with an in built Job Finder Solution, that lets you find the most recent and Best paying gigs instantly. Using this tool, you never have to worry about finding clients and jobs!

Is ContentGenie Windows and Mac compatible?

ContentGenie works on most browsers and mobile too, Windows and Mac, as it’s cloud-based.

The Final Verdict: Is ContentGenie Worth It?

ContentGenie conclusion

If you want to create traffic-pulling content for businesses, be it as an agency or for personal use, then you need to hurry now and get this software.

With ContentGenie, you can create persuasive and highly converting content in just a couple of minutes, without any writing skill or experience.

Therefore, on this note, I’ll say; that ContentGenie is a great solution and I highly recommend it. Without any doubt, I can give it a five-star review, anything outside that will be “BIAS!”

I hope you find my ContentGenie Review helpful. If this is a product that you’re interested in picking up then click the buttons on this page and get ContentGenie with my free bonuses.

Grab your ContentGenie license now completely risk-free. Your investment is covered by the no-hassle, money-back guarantee. Thank you for reading my ContentGenie Review. I’ll catch you up in my next review article. Bye for now!